Info about scrubbing feature with better touch tool

Good evening,
I'm trying to look into Better Touch Tool on my MacBook and I really like it. I'm currently using the preset AquaTouch 3.6.2 for my Touch Bar and I noticed that I like more the default scrubber with the default preset. Is there any way to use the aquatouch preset with the scrubber from the default Touch Bar?
If not, is there any way to skip the video ads in YouTube with the aquatouch scrubber? Because I was able to do it with the default scrubber :sweat_smile:

I'm always referring about the aquatouch preset but I've also tried other presets like golden chaos and I had the same problem with the scrubber.

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Did you ever find a solution to this. Right now I've managed to set up a four finger click to switch between Golden Touch and Default UI, but the only real reason for me to do that is because I want the scrubber on YouTube for the same reason you do. even just the skip forward button from the default UI (that also skips ads) would be nice.

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