Inconsistent trackpad gestures.


I have tried to use BetterTouchTool to add some trackpad gestures and to enhance the experience of using a trackpad, but, unfortunately, I was highly disappointed by how this app works. It is highly inconsistent and unresponsive.

Most gestures that I tried to use (TipTap left/right, 3/4 Finger click, Pinch in/out with 3 fingers) work badly. In ≈20% of cases, I had to repeat (perform) the gesture several (2-3) times (sometimes even up to 7-8 times) in order to get the desired action.

I'd been using the Jitouch app in the past for the same purpose and I'd never encountered any problems with it. Unfortunately with BetterTouchTool, I do encounter them constantly.

Am I doing something wrong?
Is there any way to fix this inconsistent BTT Trackpad gestures behavior and make it work the same good as native trackpad gestures and Jitouch?

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