Incompatibility with teleport app

Using teleport to share keyboard & mouse between Macs, the issue is: when controlling the remote Mac, BTT triggers are always caught by the local Mac and executed there instead of on the remote Mac.

Affected input devices:

  • MacBook Trackpad
  • MacBook keyboard
  • external keyboard
  • mouse

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro (probably irrelevant though)
  • macOS version: Catalina 10.15.7 & Monterey 12.0.1
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.626
  • teleport version: 1.3.3

I've tried reverting to "old keyboard shortcut implementation" but it makes no good in the sens that while controlling the remote Mac, keyboard triggers won't be recognized at all, while trackpad and mouse triggers are still executed on the local Mac.

I've posted an issue on teleports GitHub as well.

I'm well aware this is an edge case. The main reason I post this here is: this is not the case with Keyboard Maestro.