Improvements in gesture recognition

I am not sure if to categorize is this as a bug or a feature request. But in short I am practically unable to use the multi-touch gestures. I come from a 6 year background of using Jitouch. The developers aren't currently active in the project. So I had to try BTT for my new mbp 2018 catalina. My favourite gestures are tip tap left, tip tap right and three finger tap for left tab, right tab navigation and new tab respectively. But honestly BTT is no good. It misses a lot of gestures. And I mean alot ! To the point it's practically unusable for me. It sometimes takes me to lift my fingers completely off the trackpad and retry to make it work. Other times I have to try the gesture four or five extra times to make it work when it gets stuck.

BTT indeed is feature rich. I am not so sure about the quality of implementation for these features. I hope my feedback gets taken seriously.

these are different gestures in BTT, they behave differently than in Jitouch, thus adjusting can be hard. BTT doesn’t contain equivalents to Jitouch gestures. (e.g. BTT tip taps by default require to lift all fingers from the trackpad after each trigger)

I‘d recommend to continue using Jitouch if you need them to behave the same.

I've been using BTT for many years and never knew that. Might explain a lot! :-}

You say "by default" – is it possible to change this? Under Preferences > Trackpad > TipTaps I only find sensitivity and distance options.