improve window switcher

Hey it would be nice if the 'Show window switcher' feature could get some love. I used to use a tool called hyper switch which was pretty good but its going unmaintained (and it requires disabling sip). I think that all the btt implementation needs is the same cmd tab behaviour as the osx app switcher, pressing cmd multiple times to cycle through windows and once you release cmd it goes to that window. Also cmd shift goes backwards.

Window previews like hyper switch would be cool but not super necessary.


in 3.298 alpha I added some basic keyboard controls. (will be online in a few mintues)

I recommend assigning the action to opt+tab and setting a repeat rate for the shortcut like this:

Window switcher? => :ok_hand:

Hi Andreas, thanks for this advice. Still it's not exactly what I expect. The idea of Cmd+tab is to switch forward, and Cmd+Shift+tab to switch back. Repeat just rolls forward automatically, not the expected behaviour.

I cannot find a way to go back ("left") using BTT Application Switcher.

It would be amazing if you could add "reverse on Shift" functionality?