Import BST Snap Areas into BTT?

Is there a way to import BST snap areas into BTT?


You can try

I haven't tested this since quite a while but it should still work.

Nope, no luck. I'm a developer, so if I can transfer the plist entries manually, or whatever, perhaps I could try that? Or maybe it would just be easier to re-create them in BTT, by hand?

By the way, I've loved BST for so long, I can't remember not using it. Since you're obviously putting your efforts towards BTT, I figured I might as well move over. :slight_smile: Keep up the great work!

FYI: BetterSnapTool will be updated with the latest snapping code when Mojave comes out. So if you are only using snapping, you can stick with BetterSnapTool.

Unfortunately it's not a plist but a database file and unfortunately the structure in BTT is slightly different and requires some non-intuitive logic :-). I'll check why the import button doesn't work anymore!

Awesome, thanks for the info. I will wait. Oh, and "non-intuitive"? I personally have never written any code like that. Never. And I never lie. :roll_eyes:

I think btt 2.635 should fix the snap area import (Get via check for alpha updates)

Thanks. 2.635 shows up as a regular update, not an Alpha update. I installed it, and it still doesn't appear to work.

Just to be clear, I'm using the button that says "Import existing Snap Areas from BetterSnapTool (experimental)". When I click it, nothing appears to happen. And even if I restart BTT, there's still no snap areas - when I select "Snap Areas -> Edit Snap Areas", it says "No Snap Areas to edit".

Let me know if you need any more info, or if you want me to try something else.


Me too. Nothing happens. Is there documentation??

Same issue w/ the newest version. Doing a trial on my work machine and it refuses to import the Snap Areas from on 2.741. :frowning:

Anyone knows if this issue still unresolved? I have a bunch of Snap Areas (even for different screen resolutions) and the thought of redoing them is keeping me from moving to BTT. @Andreas_Hegenberg ,Thanks for the great tools you create.