iMac Touch Bar?

Hello people,

I am working on my MacBook Pro for a while now and I can't imagine work without BTT, I especially love the Touch Bar. BTT has made it an integral part of my workflow.

So I have started thinking about getting myself an iMac soon as it's updated next year and was curious if there's any way to get Touch Bar functionality outside of MacBook chassis.

I have an iPad Pro and use it as a sidecar display all the time, but I was disappointed to find out that Sidecar Touch Bar does not mirror the main one, and thus does not support BTT. After a bit of research I found out that the app Duet Display has an option of an on-screen Touch Bar for the mirroring device. Does anyone use this app? Any other suggestions for getting Touch Bar without having the physical one?

Thanks everyone!

I haven't tried this yet, but this Github app lets you have the touchbar on your screen