if then else for trackpad gesture

For certain gestures, I would like to use if then else

For example ⌃3 Finger Swipe up.

  • if Apple Mail is at the front: archive selected email
  • if Apple Mail not at the front. activate DevonThink

I understand how to configure both gestures. What I can't figure out is the if then else component.

thanks in advance for your time and help

The easiest is to just configure the gesture for Mail as well, it will then override the global config for that gesture if mail is active:

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very intelligent design.
thank you Andreas @Andreas_Hegenberg

The fact that app specific triggers override global ones is actually a peculiarity of BTT. Comparable apps produce a conflict. I like the BTT solution better.

The problem here is rather the user. If a trigger does the same thing in every app, except in one, errors are inevitable. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you @Frank1 for your post.

I am used to Keyboard Maestro where I use the if then else action to solve the same problem. BTT solves the problem by design.

yes good point