Idea for a change to the tracking option when watching a thread

Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I couldn't find a place specifically for discussions about the forum.

So I've been tracking the BTT Preset Thread from GoldenChaos and since I wanted to see all the replies I set it to tracking.

Now I'm kinda annoyed from getting an email literally every few minutes, but I still want to be notified to keep track.

So my idea would be, to have notifications grouped, e.g. one e-mail which contains all new messages, so that instead of an e-mail for every post you'd only get one every X hours with all new posts since the last mail.

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you can activate a daily summary somewhere in your user profile (sorry currently not at home to look it up :-))

//edit: ah but that is for the forum in general, not for specific posts. I will check whether there is a setting to grouo thread notificationy, but unfortunately I don't think that's possible with the current version of discourse (the forum software)

A general setting would already be enough for me, but somehow I can't seem to find it

edit: nvm, I think you mean the "Activity Summary"?
It doesn't need to be a setting for a specific topic, but a setting that groups/summarizes replies of all watched/tracked etc topic would be cool

Maybe I could just split the releases part of GC-BTT off from the support/discussion part of GC-BTT and have two threads? I definitely don't want it to be tougher to find releases because of the community involvement, haha. That's like the opposite of what I'm going for :stuck_out_tongue:

yea, I think that would be a good idea