icon appear only in one window

i try to make icon appear only in one window name
in Firefox
but i can manage to do it correctly
anybody successfully did that

Use a conditional activation group with conditions all true, application Firefox, window name Your_window_name

its not working
it make a lot of mass in the touch bar
it make duplicate icon on the touch bar
it mix up with the icon of the app Firefox

because the Firefox app have some icon sharing with
the google docs window in the Firefox

so it make duplicate icon

Nein non niet nu nada you think way to complicated :smiley:

Create the Conditional Activation Group just how you Did (attention, set the "any") to "All"!!)
Window name contains Google.

Paste your folder (visible) in there. Basta :slightly_smiling_face: No duplicate icon, nothing! Just drag the group from "All apps" to the created group :slightly_smiling_face:

OK i changed it from any to all
and from "begins with" to contain

but it still make duplicate

do you say i need to delete the
"all apps" from the left side bar ?

it make also duplicate icon inside Firefox
like from website like amazon or eBay

  • Put the group into the Conditional Activation Group
  • Go back to "All Apps"
  • Select the group there. Do ⌘D this will hide it from the Touch Bar (not delete it)

i did this

the problem with
Firefox global icon
and it duplicate with group condition
inside Firefox

So the info group should be displayed ONLY if the conditional activation group Firefox is active?

  1. Paste it in the Conditional Activation Group on the left (Firefox I guess?). Make sure it is not hidden. It should then only appear in once the conditions (app name is Firefox, window name contains google). Send me a screenshot if you want me to check it again afterwards.

the system in BTT is not good
for condition inside a app
maybe he will improve it on the next update

you nee "all app" global
for app you don't show in the lest side bar

the problem is with group condition
inside global app like Firefox
mix icon together
the system not build this good

to spread between global app like Firefox
and conditional group inside those global app

Well I'm using it here perfectly, there must be somewhere a bad configuration somewhere in your setup.
Here is what I do for Youtube in Safari: I hide the group, and put a button that opens the group in the Conditional Activation Group. But you don't even need the group in the "All Apps" Section. It can be placed only in the Conditional Activation Group, if this is the only place where you want to see it.

This way I see the button to open the group only when Safari shows a YouTube Page.

Send me your Preset if you want and I fix it for you.

why this
"selected app from running app"
don't allow you to select Firefox
and tell im not to show icon in touch bar in the specific window in Firefox

that is the origin of the problem

Because Firefox has to be active in that case. But thats the wrong menu. You need this menu option.

thank you
but i cannot know the name of the window of this : https://www.paypal.com/il/webapps/mpp/home

it not lite me to tell the window group condition
"not contain" PayPal


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