I would like to be able to set global actions but...

I would like to be able to set global actions but be able to disable them for specific apps (rather than enabling them for all apps except one) Is it possible to add this? (or does it already exist and I haven't spotted it?)

you can additionally configure the same triggers for these apps but then assign the "apple default or do nothing" action - alternatively disable them for the specific app.

.A more advanced way would be to create a conditional activation group which excludes some apps

I don't understand this, are you saying that there is a way to exclude an app from the global settings? if so, could you point me to the part of the documentation that explains this? I would also like to learn about conditional activation groups too, so would appreciate knowing where to look for that in the documentation. thank you ps. did you get anywhere with the dual trackpad question?

An example for keyboard shortcuts, these are both valid configurations to disable the CMD+F shortcut in Finder:

Conditional activation groups can be created via the + on the bottom left:

You can use them to create a list of apps you would like to exclude. This group would be active for all apps excluding Finder:

thank you, this is very helpful