I want to fine-tune the window position using only the keyboard.

Please forgive the discrepancies in the text due to the use of translation tools.

※There may be some discrepancies in the text due to the use of translation tools.

Hello there. I am a regular user of BTT.
I have been able to solve most of the actions I wanted to do by using BTT.

However, there is one thing we just can't do. It is a feature that seems to be in high demand but cannot be realized in any application in the world.

That function is the ability to fine-tune the position of a window without using a mouse or trackpad.

Currently, it is possible to extend or reduce the size of a window by 20 px vertically and 20 px horizontally from its current size by using the BTT's key sequence feature.

But, the window display position is moved 20px up from the "current window position". 20px down. However, it is not possible to "fine-tune" the display position of the window, such as moving it 20px up from the "current window position".

I know the window snap feature, of course, but I don't want that, I want the ability to "move the window slightly from its current position".

As a solution, the current "◯px. from the origin of the window,
or ◯% of the current window origin, it is possible to use a key sequence to create logic.

Since the window width setting has already been implemented, we would like you to implement the "add or delete value from current location" function for window position (window origin) adjustment as well.

Please consider this.