I want to be able to "right click" where my text cursor is without touching the mouse

One of the only things I miss from Windows is when you are typing, you can hit a key have the contextual menu pop up so I can correct spelling. Anybody have any good ideas for how to get BTT to do this?

Unfortunatley this is currently not possible and unfortunately I haven't found a way to detect the position of the text cursor reliably ;-(

Hi Andreas, any change in this situation?

I'm trying to create a 'Load' action from a right click menu. I have successfully created a 'Right click > type [L] > [Enter]' action, but this happens at the location of the mouse pointer... the very thing I'm trying not to use!

Nope, I still don’t know of any way to get the text cursor position on macOS

Hi... This is the most used feature in Windows operating system where you need not to rely on mouse are using the trackpad for giving your input. Please consider to develop this option to right click/show contextual menu through keyboard shortcuts.