I often find it unstable and it does not work as set up.Is this because it's a trial version?

Hello everyone. I have a question for those who are familiar with Better Touch Tool.
I am currently using the 45-day trial of Better Touch Tool.

However, I often find it unstable and it does not work as set up.
For example, when I click on Better Touch Tool in the menu bar to open it,
most of the time, it shows "Better Touch Tool is disabled" along with a red exclamation mark icon,
and settings I had set for individual apps, which were working fine until yesterday, no longer work.

Also, I have tried various settings for the Magic Mouse,
but sometimes, I feel like the sensitivity of the mouse clicks has worsened.

Is this because it's a trial version?

When it works properly with some apps, it's comfortable to use, so I'm considering purchasing it.
However, if these unstable issues are not resolved after purchase, it would be a problem for me,
so I would like to ask for your advice here.

My environment is macOS Sonoma version 14.2.1 and M3 Max.
The Better Touch Tool version "4.361 is currently the latest version available.
(My current version is 4.362.)"

Thank you in advance for your advice. :pray:

did you download it from folivora.ai - Great Tools for your Mac! and does the trial still have time left?

BTT can not alter the magic mouse click sensitivity - there is just 1 or 0 for that, it‘s a physical switch