I need to convince IT that BTT is safe. I can't function without it!

I got a new job in December and I really, really love it. My boss is great, trusts me implicitly already, respects my talents, the works.
I got my work laptop about a month and a half ago. Brand new MBP M3 Max 36GB memory 1TB storage. BUT...I am still using my personal laptop at work: a mid 2015 running OCLP to have Ventura.

WHY am I using the computer that's a decade older? Because I have no admin permissions (despite my job involving software dev, whole nother issue) and I can't get BTT running without it. And I really can't be productive without (not as productive anyway)

I finally have a meeting with IT and I was asked for some documentation about the security of BTT. @Andreas_Hegenberg is there anything you could provide that will assure them this is reputable software and let me start using my shiny new MacBook?