I don't want to use my new work MBP because I haven't been cleared to puit BTT on it

I finally have a meeting with IT and I was asked for some documentation about the security of BTT. I looked around on here but couldn't find much. I know this app is 100% reputable and nothing nefarious because I've been using it for years.

Help me put together something to show IT so I can finally start using my new M3 at work

it's always a hard sell because of the API's BTT needs to work.

I can't really give you good advice ;-( Maybe it's worth noting that:

  • BTT has been around since 2009 and is used within most Fortune 500 companies
  • You can completely block off any network connectivity for BTT and it will still work fine

Any chance you can name a few of these companies? I'm meeting with IT today.

sorry, I don’t have any agreement with them to talk about that ;-(