I can't update my BTT license, and I have free updates until 2021. I still have the 2.645 version. How can I backup my shortcuts (have over 100) and how can I update?

Hello, I can't update my app since a long time ago. I have over 100 shortcuts. Use the app for everything. I go the the "News" bottom in the top right corner, the "Downloads" and then "Downloads lates" but nothing happens.... I don't want to download directly from the website and rewrite the app in the application folders until I have a backup of all my shortcuts. I have the version 2.645. What should I do?

Create a copy of this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool and/or export your current setup using the Manage Presets => Export button in BTT.

Hi. I've seen you recommending to export the current setup, but I have no idea where to find this "manage presets=>export bottom" could you explain to me how can I do that?

I just found the manage presets and made a copy of them. So how do you recommend me to update the app?

If the integrated auto-updater doesn't work I'd just download a fresh copy via https://folivora.ai

just do it. Thanks a lot, now I have the version 2.732. I have to say I was disappointed not to find the new app you announce a few months ago. the one with a hole new redesign app.

Follow this thread if you want to stay informed about the redesign : New BetterTouchTool UI Progress

hi, sorry to bother you so much. I just realice that a lot of my shortcuts are missing... I use this app a lot so I would be sore how many of them, but there are a lot. How can I recover them? I create a copy of the better touch tool file in the library/aplication support. Shoud I overwrite this app and that's it? I also create the export in among presets=>export Botton... What do you recommend me to do?

those two things I did, I did them before the update, when I have all my shortcuts, just to clarify...

updating can't really delete shortcuts partially. Are you sure you are looking at the correct apps?

I'll be off now for the rest of the weekend. Will be back tomorrow if you can't solve it.
You can try to reimport your preset using Manage Presets -> import.