Hyper Key occasionally fails to trigger all modifiers

I'd rather not have to make a BTT mapping for each hyper key mapping though I do see how I think that could work.

That said while I can see how to create a mapping that then sends a different set of key presses I'm still not sure how to create a "caps + j" mapping. Pressing the two when trying to record a shortcut ends up with only "caps lock" being registered.

I just stumbled across this bug report and have a similar problem with Caps Lock as Hyperkey. My workaround is to press Caps Lock alone if it hasn't been pressed for a while, and then press the global shortcut, e.g. Caps Lock + j. Otherwise it won't work reliably.

Note that the first press of Caps Lock is recognized, as a HUD overlay shows. But for some reason that's not enough to trigger the global shortcut.

Like @bdarfler, I used other apps to process the Hyperkey, and they worked fine. But BTT has its advantages, and I don't want to have multiple apps with overlapping functionality. Maybe someone knows how to improve this?

Are you aware that BTT can distinguish between left and right modifiers? Perhaps depending on the keyboard you use and what you need it for, mapping Caps Lock to right control is more reliable for you.

@Andreas_Hegenberg I experience the same issue as @bdarfler, and I do not use other keyboard-mapping tools, only BTT. Occasionally there is a <1s failure for caps lock to act as all modifiers. This is extremely disruptive as it results in keyboard shortcuts sending text or other shortcuts to my applications.

Important note: for many years I used Karabiner Elements to re-map caps lock to hyper, and never had any such issues. I noticed BTT had this feature around a year ago and switched to get rid of Karabiner and reduce the complexity of my setup.

I will probably re-install Karabiner for this one feature, as I had been using before.

@Andreas_Hegenberg I know it's not your job to teach us about how the software works, but if you can comment on possible differences between how Karabiner re-maps versus how BTT does, I would really appreciate it.