Hyper key doesn't work when Mac woken from sleep


I've recently purchased a new Macbook Air M2, and thought I'd start from scratch. As part of this, I have switched to BetterTouchTool for the "hyper key" setup.

After setup, everything works as expected. However, each time the Mac wakes from sleep, the caps lock reverts to being a caps lock. I have to open BetterTouchTool from the menu bar, then it behaves as a hyper key again.

I have made sure that BetterTouchTool opens on login, and I have rebooted the Mac multiple times and this continues to be a problem. I'm running Monterey 12.4. BetterTouchTool has been given the appropriate permissions in Security & Privacy settings.

Any ideas how to resolve this problem?


What is your setting in Advanced > General?:


I don't have the "restart BTT after wake from sleep" on.

Is that meant to be on by default? I mean, the menu icon for BTT is there after I wake from sleep, so its not like BTT got shut down with sleep.

I don't remember what the default is. But it does try to solve problems when waking, even if BTT is running it apparently works around bugs...