How would you go about listening for the dmesg (or whatever) event that occurs when a USB NFC reader reads a tag?

I'd like to make an applescript or something to catch the NFC read event and triggers a BTT action.

The reader will read without any software talking to it, I believe it just sends a message out even if its plugged into a power only USB. There are 2 NFC apps for mac that work well for making/reading tags but dont offer anything beyond opening a website. The apps are NFC Tools and NFC Ideas, both free on the mac store.

Im not that versed in dmesg (or whatever I should use) but Im really pumped about this idea so if someone has a bit of wisdom to get me in the right direction I think I can hobble something together. I will also need to figure out what will listen for the event and forward to BTT, im thinking applescript but that might not be best.

Any input is appreciated