How would I create AppleScripts for BTT that run continously in the background and are triggered with hotkeys?

I've spent a good amount of time researching / googling this, but am still unsure. I did take a look at the BTT AppleScript documentation and have ideas, so I'm gonna describe what I think I should do to make a script like described in the title, and correct me if I'm wrong with anything. For the record I'm not very familiar with JavaScript nor AppleScript, and would use the later. I have done a little programming, so I'd google how to program things with AppleScript. My goal is to have CMD X to cut and CMD V to paste files, like I could on Windows. I'd have 3 scripts, for that:

  1. When I press CMD X, it would activate a trigger for CMD C using execute_assigned_actions_for_trigger (having copied the UUID), and use set_string_variable to set a variable named cut to true (I didn't find documentation on if there are boolean values).
  2. When I press CMD C, it would do CMD C and also set cut to false
  3. When it press CMD V, it does one of two things depending on the value of cut:
  • if cut is true it would trigger CMD CTRL V to cut and paste the files
  • if cut is false it would just do CMD V to copy and paste the files.
  • either way, set cut to false afterwards.

I found this StackOverflow answer on how to have AppleScripts run continuously in the background. So, What do you think?