How to use some element from the original TouchBar


I wanna customise my Pages app to add some more useful features to me than the one existing in the original Touch Bar. However I don't wanna start from scratch and use some of the feature already existing in the original Touch Bar in pages (for example putting in bold, underling, etc.).
Do you know where can I find the setup of the original Touch Bar in order to modify it ?

Thanks a lot for your help!


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I don’t see a reply for this. Basically I would like to add additional touch bar items to the ones that already come/show up with a given installed app when that app is active. Also, there are some apps, such as “Wake up time - alarm clock” that have no support for the Touch Bar. For the Wake Up app, I have created buttons for most of the keyboard shortcuts but haven’t figured out how to make it a standard set, just like the ones that come with apps that support the Touch Bar. Right now, it will end up added to my current set of buttons instead of in a séparent area like other apps do. Any help is greatly appreciated.

It is not possible to modify the system Touch Bar, so adding buttons is not possible. You can always only replace the Touch Bar with a BTT specific one.

There are some visibility options you an use to modify the behavior per-app:

thanks for the quick response and the alternative ideas. I love this app.