How to toggle between two TouchBar presets?

I would like to have two TouchBar presets (TB1 and TB2). So that I can toggle between "Default + TB 1" and "Default + TB 2".


  1. So presumably I need to move all TouchBar stuff from the preset „Default“ to the preset „TB1“. How do I do that?

  2. I tried to set up a cycle action (with the predefined action) to switch between TB1 and TB2 (only one preset active at a time, Default always active) but it doesn't work. Either both (TB) are active or none.

Should I even do it this way, or is there a better way? Thanks!

There is the "Switch to Preset" action which allows you to exactly specify which presets will be active after the actions has triggered. You need to select a master preset and any additional presets you want to activate.

There is no way to move all triggers of a specific type to another preset, but you can select multiple and use the "Move Selected Triggers To Preset" menu item:

That worked, thank you!