How to show/hide specific app + return focus to last focused app

Hi there,

So i use a keyboard toggle to show/hide the Alacritty window, which is working.

However, the problem:

  1. Open Firefox in Fullscreen (let's say this runs in "space 4")
  2. Now press the keyboard toggle to show Alacritty (this opens Alacritty and switches to a non-fullscreen space: "space 3")
  3. Press the keyboard toggle again to hide Alacritty
  4. Now i'm still in "space 3" instead of returning to Firefox in "space 4" :cry:

How to make BTT go back to "the window focused before i pressed the toggle?

Perhaps this shoud be added to the Feature Request section...? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I use this for quickly going to WhatsApp and back to the last app used. This is what works for me,

  • Global shortcut Fn+W goes to WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp overridden shortcut Fn+W triggers a keyboard shortcut CMD+TAB which takes care of remembering the last app, regardless of it being full screen or not.
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Hah brilliant, why didn't i think of that :grinning:

For reference, i set my overridden keyboard shortcut actions to:

  1. Cmd+Tab
  2. Delay next action by 0.3 sec
  3. Show / Hide specific Application + Hide Only +
    That way the Alacritty window is hidden when i "leave" it.

Thank you so much @rishifter :ok_hand:t3:

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