How to select monitor action is applied to?


Firstly this is a very cool app and has so far gone half way to solving an annoying bug I have with macOS dimming my external displays between sleep sessions, despite system preferences being set up not to do this.

The problem happens randomly, but regularly. Sometimes one or both my monitors will dim, despite the UI insisting that they are both at full brightness. The manual fix was, to turn down the brightness, then up again on the affected displays, this would reset maximum brightness to be correct.

So far using BetterTouchTool I have set up a routine of actions to be performed after wake, adding an initial delay, this now seems to be working consistently with my primary monitor, but not with the secondary monitor, is there a way to direct brightness up / down actions to specific monitors?

I have tried adding the same actions for "External Display", but I don't think this is targeting my 2nd monitor.

Attached screenshot of my current configuration:

The hardware set-up is 2 x LG Ultra fine 4K displays connected to a Mac Studio.

I found out about BetterTouchTool, after reading this discussion, after two years BetterTouchTool seems like the best solution anybody has found to this issue!

If there's a way to do this I would appreciate the advice.

In the meantime, I look forward to finding out more ways I can use this great software :slight_smile: