how to open document based on URL (Bear, Scrivener, DevonThink)

With Keyboard Maestro, I often use the open URL action to open Bear and Scrivener documents. For example, I use the open URL action, enter the URL (for example bear://x-callback-url/open-note?id=764434CB-F565-46A1-8F83-342F0F591310-5438-00001A35926BCA51 for my to do list in Bear) and specify open with Bear. Same principle for Scrivener documents and DevonThink documents.
I can't find the equivalent in BTT actions. I am sure that it must be there but I just can't find it.
thanks in advance for your time and help

If you want to open a file try this action

An url with "open url".

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thank you very much @Frank1. Now I understand. I leave browser as default and it will select Bear app to open the URL.

you can just use the "open url" action, no need to select the browser

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thank you @Andreas_Hegenberg