How to merge multiple clipboard items in one line?


I am looking for a way how to merge multiple clipboard items in one joined line.
I found action 'Paste specific items from Clipboard Manager'. I configured it to paste items at position 1,2,3 and choose 'Just copy to clipboard' but after running this action I can not see in Clipboard Manager any new item with this three copied items as one. What I am doing wrong?
Any other idea how to achieve this?
Is it possible to access specific item in Clipboard Manager using script?

Best regards

On the screenshot bellow you can see how I already configured it:

I used action "Paste Items: 1,2,3 (Clipboard)". Why after that latest item in Clipboard Manager is 'Item1" not 'Item1Item2Item3'? Is it something related to new line character? If yes how can I remove it?


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