How to make bettertouchtool settings make place to standard BTT when using standard apps


I am pretty new to macOS and pretty new to BTT. I bought a license cause I use PF that wouldn't support touchbar yet.

I want BTT only present when I open Pathfinder, when I start using pages I want the standard Touch Bar back. This is probably just a setting I haven't found yet.

Anyone could help?

think I found some solution. I have set up screenshot button and time widget as global, that's why it stays active all the time. If I set up pages to use default touchbar I get the effect I am looking for, but that's a lot of work - get all apps there setup. Any way of having BTT do that by its own?

Hide the BTT bar on an app:

Only show for a specific app:
Click the + button on the sidebar
Add the app
Add the stuff you only want to show in that app into it

Global shows on everything except the listed apps. It's like an "All Other Apps"

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ok, looks like thats gone by the way for now :-)) Thanks