How to implement zoom in/out on BTT 3.691?

I've been using BTT 0.939 on El Capitan since 2017 for a single purpose -- so that my trackpads will zoom in and out, no matter what app is frontmost. I do this via Pinch In and Pinch Out gestures, which each send the keypresses in Accessibility's Zoom settings for the appropriate result.

I've just got a new Mac, running Big Sur and have downloaded BTT 3.691. Because the new disk is smaller than the old one I'm having to manually migrate, and I'm not managing to get my BTT gestures onto the new machine, so I'm trying to recreate them.

But I can't seem to find keypresses in the Action part of a gesture in the new interface? Have they gone away, and if so how do we get zoom in/out achieved these days?

Many thanks! :slight_smile: