how to get valid property for "BTTShortcutAppUnderCursor" ?

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg - quick question - how to find the proper path for BTTShortcutAppUnderCursor? Sending a json that lacks this field does not trigger actionType=128 unfortunately. So my question is: do you know a way how can I get this kind of string from application path? (\/Applications\/ in this case)

If there's a file somewhere in the system / api then I'll be able todig around and get this value, but a hint would be helpful (I'm mostly doing webdevelopment and I don't know the OSX architecture nor convetions)

  "BTTTriggerType" : -1,
  "BTTTriggerClass" : "BTTTriggerTypeKeyboardShortcut",
  "BTTPredefinedActionType" : 128,
  "BTTPredefinedActionName" : "Send Shortcut to Specific App",
  "BTTShortcutApp" : "\/Applications\/",
  "BTTShortcutAppUnderCursor" : "",
  "BTTShortcutToSend" : "1",
  "BTTEnabled2" : 1,
  "BTTUUID" : "CFF20365-3E08-49D9-A789-C1888BFFED75",
  "BTTTriggerOnDown" : 1,
  "BTTEnabled" : 1,
  "BTTShortcutKeyCode" : -1,
  "BTTShortcutModifierKeys" : -1,
  "BTTOrder" : 103

Ultimately, I want to know what BTTShortcutAppUnderCursor for given BTTShortcutApp (this will be a dynamic variable, in the helper lib that I'm building around BTT).

This command should work:
mdls -name kMDItemCFBundleIdentifier -r /Applications/

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Thank you very much!