How to get BTT on Extended Control Strip??

I use the How to get BTT on Extended Control Strip on the touchbar so I can keep the left hand side of it clear. This is because the way I type means my fingers touch the left hand side of the bar a lot and so accidentally touch buttons, like the Back button in the chrome controls. It's really bad. Extended Controls allows me to put what I want in the right hand side only.

When I enable BTT I notice it does not add any icons to the extended controls bar.

I have to choose app controls to see BTT. But then that means I get all the app controls on the left which I dont want.

I guess I could add my pwn buttons from scratch but then there is an X in the left of the touchbar.

Is there any way to get BTT in the extended controls so I can keep the left hand side totally empty?


You will have to create your own Touch Bar Preset.
One possibility would be to put a black button to the very left, without any associated action. You would not see it. Then, play with the space left after it and enter a convenient though high number (150 px? 200?) and add the buttons you want/need to see.

I thought a cross button appeared on the left. Am I able to remove that then?

My ideal situation is half my buttons on the right, nothing on the left, and an expand arrow to the left of my buttons to expand open other controls. It’s ok to have them on the left when I’m engaging with the Touch Bar just not when typing.


You could put all your favorite buttons right bound, and the leftmost would open up your Touch Bar group with "more" buttons. Up to you to see what suits you :slightly_smiling_face:

The cross appears only inside groups, but you can change it/move it around/make it disappear etc. It is basically nothing but a predefined button put into each Touch Bar group, but as any other button it can be modified :wink: