How to disable Snap Areas when not connected to external display

Hi there, I recently upgraded from a MBP 15" 2016 to a MBP 14" 2021. On the 2016, I had two Snap Areas setup on my Mac's screen. At my desk, I have two displays always connected. The Snap Areas display and worked perfectly fine when connected to the external displays. Then when I disconnected the displays and just used the Mac's screen only, the Snap Areas did not activate. I actually preferred this since I only want the Snap Areas to work when connected to the external displays and my Mac's screen is not the primary.

Now with the 14" 2021, when I setup Snap Areas, they work fine just like before when my external displays are connected, however they also work and are active when my external displays are not connected.

I would prefer the old way how it worked on my 2016. Am I missing some setting? I'm comparing my old Mac's settings to this new one and I can't seem to find anything regarding having different Snap Areas when using external displays.

I could never figure out how to get this working. So I switched to only activating snap areas while holding down a modifier key.

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