How to Chord Words in BTT??

I've heard various things including that BTT can do this, but I tried and I don't see how to do it. I want to be able to hold down one (nonmodifier) normal key like "A", and then tap another key "S" to create a word = "after", for example. I want to program normal letters as modifier keys. Normally in Keyboard Maester, Karabiner and BTT apparently like, I can only tap a string of letters and it turns it into a word. But I want to hold down a key and simultaneously hold another key and have it equal a word, NOT typing individual letters in sequence. Is there a way to do that in BTT? The Key Sequences feature seems to only allow me to type individual letters and doesn't distinguish separate outcomes between that and holding down some of the letters. I'd like to type quicker by holding down a few letters and have them output words. Thank you. (I'm on a Mac Catalina)

I‘m not sure I fully understand, but it sounds like this is exactly what the key sequences feature is for. It will account for holding down some of the keys - you might need to check the „order relevant“ boxes.

Here's a basic example. I want to hold down the key 't' and tap 'h' to equal "there". When I do so however, it works, but what also works it tapping both 't' and 'h'. I don't want tapping 't' and 'h' to equal 'there', only when I hold 't' and tap 'h'. Does that make sense? Also, for some reason when I hold down or tap one letter, I get 4 inputs. I would think there should only be two max, one for a key down, one for a key up. Do you know why 4 are showing up per letter?

Ah you basically want to have a minimum hold time for the T key? So you e.g. hold T for 0.5 seconds and then tap the H key.
Unfortunately that is not yet possible, BTT can not yet set minimum hold times for specific keys. You might be able to achieve something similar by setting the "Sequence duration must be greater than" to a value higher than 0 seconds.

This key sequence is only triggered if T remains pressed while H goes down and up and T is released at the very end.

The problem is: If you have activated too fast key repetition in macos, this happens ttttttt ...

However, you can overwrite this setting with BTT. Set up the shortcut t = t and a long repeat delay.

Another possibility would be to block the keyboard before the trigger, then you can press and hold everything as long as you want ... at least I think so. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: If you accept that, for example, the letter T is typed when the key is released, you can set "does nothing" for T (long press). However, I have not tested this.

No, I have no interest in a minimum hold time. I just want to be able to hold a letter down which is not a modifier, and then tap another key to equal a new word or command/hotkey. The first letter would act as a modifier to another layer for example

But isn't that you described above?

I want to hold down the key 't' and tap 'h' to equal "there". When I do so however, it works, but what also works it tapping both 't' and 'h'.

When tapping t and h at the "same" time, one of them will still be slightly earlier. So without a minimum hold time both of the described cases fullfil your requirement and thus both trigger. (unless you intentionally hit the h first)

I'd try to record it like this:

However as Frank1 mentioned, you need to be careful with the macOS key repeat.

Sorry, I'm confused. First, when I click one letter, I get 4 of the same letter. Shouldn't it be max 2? I'm not doing anything special except hitting the key and releasing and a normal speed. It won't let me delete any of these llnes after the fact, so I don't know how I would create a prompt like yours with only 3 lines etc.

This is not a problem if you set f = f. If f is pressed and held, nothing happens except that f is typed once.

When I hold down T, the press H, let go of H, then let go of T, I get this.
I do no understand how to do the things he is suggesting. I can't do it in the key sequences area because it will trigger 4 t's at a time

that is weird indeed, BTT seems to receive the key down/up events multiple times. Does typing on this keyboard work fine for you?

That sometimes happens to me too. If this helps with troubleshooting: You can work around this by holding a key longer.

So, if I only want T to go down and up just once, this is how it works:

I press and hold T, wait briefly, release T. BTT reacts as expected.

It looks like I no longer have access to BTT because I was on a trail. But yes typing normal works just fine, it was only BTT where it did this. I think I did try holding the keys longer and it didn't do anything. I just bought a Glove80 and with their software I'm hoping that man yof these issues will be resolved with its capabilities