How to avoid shortcut chaining?

Slack uses ⌘-Shift-U to link highlighted text. I'd like to be able to use ⌘-K to link text like every other app.

In BTT I set ⌘-K to trigger ⌘-Shift-U specifically in Slack. I can now link text with ⌘-K. Hooray! However, Slack uses ⌘-K for another key feature, its channel switcher, which I can't access with that shortcut enabled.

I set another shortcut to trigger the channel switcher, mapping ⌘-S to ⌘-K. However, this ends up triggering the text linking shortcut I created (⌘-K triggering ⌘-Shift-U).

Have others found a way to avoid this kind of shortcut chaining? I want Slack to receive ⌘-S as ⌘-K, not as ⌘-Shift-U.


Try the "prevent recursive triggers" action:

Ah, thanks Andreas. I tried adding it to the latter shortcut, not realizing I needed to add it to the former too. I appreciate it!