How to Abort a Series of Actions in Mid-Sequence Execution.

I have a long series of "Actions" (mouse moves, clicks, type something, tabs, etc.) to save me from doing it all manually. As it fully expected, once in a while one of the actions does not work as intended. I'm OK with that part.

What I WANT to do is to be able to abort the remainder of the sequence from running.

How can I do this?

On what kind of condition should it abort?


I have a keyboard shortcut assigned to a series of mouse moves, mouse clicks, tabs, spaces, a few variables, etc. This all driving a series of search and replace within a PDF document opened by PDFpenPro 12.

It is essentially simulating a series of finds and replaces that would normally be done by hand.

There are about 119 actions in total. Due to sun spots (my generic blame for anything/everything that does not work perfectly in the world of computers) every so often the running actions get out of sync (e.g. typing the wrong text in the wrong search box, or not successfully moving the active insertion point into the “find” box before entering the text to find.

So … when this happens today … I just have to sit and wait for it to finish, then I revert the document and start again.

I’d much rather be able to abort the action sequence as soon as I notice that it has gotten out of sync (for any reason).

THANK YOU​:bangbang: a) For any help you can provide and b) For writing SUCH USEFUL utilities :bangbang:

Ah I understand. I will introduce an "abort all running actions" action, with the next BTT version!

Thank You​:bangbang: :pray:t2: