How do I make my custom touchbar?

Hello! I am really new at this and I am blown away by some of the features some fellow developers have created. My only issue with most of these custom Touch Bar ideas is that they tend to have a few things that I enjoy, but ultimately I would only use one or two actions and for the rest still use the built in Touch Bar from apple.
For instance, I really like the game mode and photoshop interactive Touch Bar from one of the presets posted in the forums. But I do dislike a few many of the actions and presets they offer and the way they interact.
For me ideally, I would like to keep my normal Touch Bar at all times open, be able to press a button to switch to BTT when I enter a game for example, or when I open photoshop, and then have this better interactive Touch Bar preset react to what I am doing. I also liked the idea of a touchbar that interacts with media (showing the Spotify current playing song and an icon with the cover of the album!), and also the fact that I can change the colour of many buttons to make the touchbar look aesthetically more eye-catching and nice becomes a plus of BBT.

How could I do this?