how could I select a paragraph, which is equivalent to 4 mouse clicks in rapid succession

I tried to repeat the left mouse click action 4 times but it does not work, probably because the delay between the 4 clicks is too long.
thanks in advance for your time and help

I wanted to have the same function some time ago, but I was unable to achieve it. As an alternative, I created an AppleScript that at least accomplishes the task. Admittedly, it is not the most elegant solution, but it serves its purpose for me.

tell application "System Events"
key code 126 using {command down}
key code 125 using {shift down, command down}
end tell

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Isn't "Paragraph" selection in MacOS just 3 clicks?

Double Click selects a word
Third Click Selects the Paragraph..

Edit: Yup 3 clicks..

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you are right. My apologies

Single-click: Place the cursor.
Double-click: Highlight the selected word.
Triple-click: Highlight the selected line.
Quadruple-click: Highlight the selected paragraph.

I have just attempted to use your method, but unfortunately, it does not seem to be functioning, at least not in InDesign, where I need it.

EDIT: The reason it is not working for me is that InDesign often uses soft line breaks, which create a hindrance that requires an additional click to overcome. The triple-click function from BTT is not proving to be effective in this regard.

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thank you very much @SLE for taking the time to write a script.
@Small 's solution works perfectly and is simpler for me.

works perfeclty. thanks very much

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now, I am totally confused. I will test and get back to you. thank you for your post

a line is defined by line feed at the end ?
if a paragraph is multiple sentences, what distinguishes it from the whole page for example.
I am working mostly in markdown but also RTF.
thank you

A soft break is when you use 'shift-enter', and a hard break is when you hit 'enter'. When you hit 'enter', it creates a new paragraph. On the other hand, the soft break doesn't do that. So, if you've got a text with shift-enters, it won't work with the btt-triple-click.

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thanks very much !

Anything beyond 3 Clicks does nothing on my end...

Once you add a line break (Enter or Shift+Enter) its no longer a "Paragraph" in the traditional sense.
Line Breaks are typically used for Lists or Dialogue.

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Not in indesign - and that’s my use case

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I read a message that I am unable to find. Did you mention in a post how you store unused trackpad gestures ? thank you

Me? I create a Preset Group called "Test Triggers" – then I test things in there.. Which the preset can be enabled or disabled as needed..

You can also "Disable" individual triggers, just right click on them and select disable...

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that's what I will do. Thank you