How can I stop the trackpad from moving my cursor all the time?

I've used BetterSnapTool for some time at it works well. I am guessing BetterTouchTool is from the same person. BTT works well for snapping, but no matter what I set, I can't stop the trackpad from moving the cursor to the wrong spot when typing. The original OSX feature with stopping accidental touches worked. When they removed it, it stopped. I thought this was supposed to be a way to stop it from happening, but even with all the hard press ideas, and thumb ideas, it keeps happening. I'm on a mid 2015 Macbook Pro, with Movave (I need 32-bit programs still) is there something with that setup that prevents it from working? I'm more than willing to pay for it if it works, but so far, it hasn't :frowning:

Unfortunately BTT can not influence/improve the system's accidental touch recognition.
I'd recommend to send feedback about this to Apple, although it's unlikely they will change this behavior ;-(