How can I move shortcuts from the global group to another group?

Currently I have all my shortcuts in the global group, and I have BTT disabled in the terminal.

I have created a "Not Terminal" conditional activation group that applies to all applications except the terminal

I would like to move all my shortcuts from the global group to the "Not Terminal" conditional activation group, so that I can then make a few shortcuts that are specific to the terminal.

The only way currently is to drag them there one by one, then delete them from the old group.

With the upcoming new ui this will become easier.

Dragging the shortcuts to my "Not Terminal" conditional activation group seemed to work fine, except that now that I've deleted the original global shortcuts, none of them work.

If I create NEW shortcuts in the "Not Terminal" conditional activation group they work fine, but not the ones I dragged over.

Any idea how to fix this? Thanks!