Hotspot button?

I've had a hotspot button ready to activate over at my preset for a while now but I haven't figured out how to do it's code...

Any ideas @GoldenChaos? I think this would be a good addition to your preset!

I definitely love the idea. No clue how to actually do it, haha. Everyone's phone probably has a different name, I feel like people who use GC-BTT are way more likely to change their phone's name to something that doesn't include the word "iPhone".

I wonder if I can get the "Personal Hotspot" menu contents, but it takes a bit to load. This type of stuff was obscured in the Sound menu, but I'll pull up UI Browser and take a look.

do you use

My preset has a set for it and includes some things called ‘pastecells’.

Maybe you’ve read about them, but these are basically containers for you to keep text and paste them with a touch.

The way it works:

  • Hold the cell to set it’s text
  • a window pops up for you to enter text
  • after you finished setting text, it shows in the pastecell.
  • tap to paste the contents of the pastecell to
    the text cursor

ok so connecting this to the widget

I think on initial tap, it pops up a window to set the phone name

Then when it’s set, it should be able to find the phone. If it doesn’t, it should pop up a “phone wasn’t found.” kind of message with a text box.

Also add the ability to hold the button to change the phone name

I think this handling is also good for earpods, since it’s name can change.
If we can’t find a different way to connect without knowing the name, maybe this would do?

(check out the pastecells over at my preset if you’re a bit confused. Atom text editor is a pretty handy tool too as it’s lightweight and good for quick code edits and writing up html.)

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