Holding button to continue adjust volume

New here so apologies if this has already been asked. Is it possible to continue holding the volume up/down buttons to further adjust volume (just like old school Mac volume buttons)? I prefer buttons to sliders so hoping there's a solution for this. Thanks!

Didn't try it yet (I prefer the two fingers slide for this :wink:) but this checkbox should have the desired effect:

I gave that a try but no luck. When I hold the button down it doesn't trigger the action at all actually. It seems like the button only works when tapped.

Set the repeat rate to 0,04s and the delay to 0,01s.

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That worked! Thanks heaps @Caliguvara and @Flopio

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Actually I'm still having trouble with this. At repeat rate 0.04 and delay 0.01 I'm finding single taps jump several volume steps, and when held down it goes faster than I'd like.

I tried tinkering with those numbers, which worked at first, but then sometimes it seems to glitch out and continue increasing/decreasing volume even after I lift my finger (going all the way to 0% or 100%)

Is this something you guys have encountered?

i am using the buttons to chnage the brigness so the precision is not that important to me. i use the "small steps" button which is also available to control the volume, so it is ok for me.
i find it a lot nicer to change the volume via the slider widget.

never had it change all the way to 0 or 100% though.

The stuck repeat should be fixed in the latest BTT alpha