Holding a modifier does not seems to allow a shortcut to repeat

Hello everyone, hope you're doing well :slight_smile:

I have a question maybe I'm doing something wrong,
but basically I want to bind Alt + Tab (macos) to Ctrl + Tab
it seems pretty easy, I create a new keyboard shortcut (it's for Vivaldi app only)
Type Alt + Tab which registers fine, and assign a send keybaord shortcut action Ctrl + Tab which registers fine too. So far so good.

Now when I use Alt + Tab it does a Ctrl + Tab BUT if I keep the Alt buttond down and repeat the Tab (basically how you use Cmd + Tab, by Tab-ing multiple time to change app) it does not work. I guess the fact that Alt is already down does not register as a new trigger.

What is your solution for this case?
Than you :slight_smile: