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ok that's sooo cool. what's our next step? I could probably make this account the admin account if that helps?

bump @lowrents

Hello again, sorry for not being this responsive. I am currently writing my master thesis and I realized that my time management failed a little bit. Deadline is in a few weeks :smiley:

Iā€™m not quite sure if this helps. If you have access to the other user on the MacBook you can test ist. But I think it has something to With the configuration of pip, to be more precise: with the correct path, regarding you Terminal output.

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It look like python does not recognize the installed libraries (like spotipy) correctly. The easiest thing is to google this warning a try to solve it.

Have a look at this thread:

I understand that you're writing your master thesis. I'll be patient! :smiley:
I had a read through the link you sent me, and I, not being a coder, don't quite understand what it all means.

been a couple weeks... just a bump :slight_smile:

another bump...

sorry for letting you wait this long.... the final steps of the thesis are quite horrible thanks to my great time management haha. The next Tuesday is the due-date an the journey finally will have an end after something around 8 month. What ever, I just want you to know that I didn't want to disrespect you :slight_smile:
So in the next week I am complete available and I think we will solve all the problem!

For now I think you can try to get some experience with the terminal just for practice propose since we are facing some "basic" problems (like: create a python script, working path in terminal, system permissions and program dependencies...)

You can try to make your account admin as well and re-run all the commands with sudo in front of each command. Let me know how it is going.

So where we are standing actually. is anything "new" working?

I haven't done anything since we last chatted.
I understand, and look forward to getting this to work!

Okay here we go again! Thesis is done :slight_smile:

AWESOME!!! hope it went well :smiley:

I think it depends... we will see in 8 days, after my defense :grin: but I'm very happy with the result.

Okay were are we standing and how could we get back on track?

nows probably not a good time.... its late and ima go to bed soon. also, do we wanna take this to messenger or something?

probably not a bad idea to switch the channel for communicating. But I can only offer you mail, skype, telegram.

do you have iMessage activated on any of your devices? This will also works with your mail. I sent you a message an got the "delivered" notification...

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the last thing that happened is that I got spotipy installed. i succesfully downloaded the sudo nano thing, but the command 'pip' is not working.

you can't install spotipy correctly without having pip installed. (since spotipy gets installed by pip install spotipy)
try running easy_install pip.

What did you mean by downloaded the sudo nano thing? Nano is a command line text editor. We wanted to use it for creating the needed python script (since .rtf files won't work). But I thought this is already done. Do you still have the python script? (spotifywidgetcode.py)

tried this. it told me I do need to be the administrator, so I will try to become one asap.

yep, i still have this.

I don't think this is going to work, without you actually being here :joy:
so I think we just drop it. thanks so much for all your help!

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