Hide full touchbar

My boss has a MBP with a Touchbar, and when we bought it (two years ago) I installed BTT so he could hide all Touchbar commands (he kept accidentally pressing buttons when he was typing). I guess there was a recent update that wiped out what I had set up and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to make a button that makes everything go away. I also apparently am typing the wrong thing in searches.

Hey. I dunno if you still need this, but:

  • Make a button on your touchbar.
  • Set it to Open touchbar group 'Blank'
  • Make a group and call it 'Blank'
  • In the group, add a small button, assigned to 'close currently open touchbar group'

Alternatively, you can do the same with a key command.

  • Make a command, eg. command + shift + M
  • set it to open the group 'blank'.
  • Make a command using either the same command (command + shift + M) or a different one
  • set it to close currently open touch bar group

Let me know if any problems arise.