Hide All Windows trigger closes Finder tabs

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Using the 'hide all windows' trigger (I have linked to a gesture on trackpad) closes all the Finder window. I have had this issue for ages, never realised until today what was causing it! Can you please fix?

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iMac 27", Apple Trackpad, Monterrey

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macOS doesn't allow to hide the last remaining app's windows, thus by default BTT closes them.

You can use this terminal command to minimize them instead (quit BTT before running it)

defaults write com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool BTTHideAllBehavior 1

Or alternatively to just leave them visible:

defaults write com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool BTTHideAllBehavior 2

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Thanks Andreas, but I don't understand. If I have four tabs, it seems that BTT just closes all the tabs. Are you saying that as Finder is the last remaining app, BTT closes it instead of minimising it? If so, this is incredibly annoying to not make more obvious! If I use the terminal command to leave them visible, will BTT hide all other windows but then leave one app unminimised? Will this always be Finder?

Yes, always Finder. It's a limitation of macOS.

The option should be shown in the BTT UI, but it seems it got lost at some point. Will be added back with the next release.

That would be great!

That works well, by the way. I don't mind having Finder left behind, its usually why I am hiding the rest! (I appreciate some might want everything hidden by the command).