[Help] Showing what tabs are open in safari


I found a nice functionality feature with Golden Chaos that shows what tabs are open with a script and allows you to touch the icon to switch to that specific tab. However, in order to get to this menu you have to click a little safari icon to open the submenu on the Touch Bar.

Here is a picture for reference.

I've been customizing my safari's Touch Bar with BTT and I would like to know if there is a way to have those tabs show up in the main menu, instead of the extra clicks to get to it. Right next to my custom icons for Netflix, and restore.

I don't use Golden Chaos but have borrowed from many of the presets here to build out my own board. My Safari set has the tabs in a slide out so out of the way but still easily accessible .

Find the Group that contains these scripts, and copy/paste all of them at the right position of your Safari Touch Bar. Make them refresh every now and then. This should do it!

@jrosenkrantz Hi, can you please share your preset so I can have a browse and maybe borrow some thing for my preset?

I will share my preset with the community when I am ready to. I will need to figure out how to remove some personal items for sharing. My scripts for Safari tabs are based on GoldenChaos and you can see in the screen shot how I laid everything out. I hope this helps for now.

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