Help: problems when trying to export my preset

Hi to all.

I just finished building a rather long preset and I'm not able to export it (it includes global actions + actions for excel, word, Nisus Writer Pro, Pages, Safari and Scrivener). I noticed some weird behaviour while doing the last part of the presets: the actions for Scrivener (the last one I did) kept being reorganised each time I included a new action. I restarted BTT and things seemed to be solved. However, when I tried to export my customized preset, BTT wouldn't do it. Tried to remove some last actions and that didn't solved it. Neither did restart the mac.

I have some other presets installed (that I imported from the forum) and, weirdly, these seem to export okay.

Is there a way to check what is causing this behaviour?

please go to the about tab in BetterTouchTool and click the "export debug information" button. This will create a folder called BetterTouchToolDebug on your desktop. If possible please send that to

Just emailed you. Thanks for the reply.

I didn't mention before, but most of the presets I made are for the Touchbar.

(PS. BTT is great!)