Help please shortcut

Help to create hotkey
in application Excel in Paralles Desktop
when pressed left command + Up
then push Control + Fn + Up that mean Ctrl PgUp to go another sheets.

But in BTT it not works :frowning:

Found cause. It's Command, if it change for Option then it work.

UPD Think there's different between sending key code method,
windows strike first on win + left arrow.

The problem is the keyboard implementation of Parallels Desktop. It works with the physical keyboard, but not when sending key codes (e.g. with AppleScript).
Option keys are partially ignored. I also already despaired of this and therefore I have wrote a Windows service, which accepts HTTP request from the host and then execute the keyboard commands in Windows self (with WinSendKeys).

Another (simpler) option would be to assign the desired keyboard sequences to a function key (e.g. F12) within the Parallels settings and then send them via BTT.

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Dirk thx a lot, U gave me idea.

Make setup hotkey in Parallels.

But another one moment, in Karabiner (I've checked) this hot key send right, without trouble.

But setup in parallels is easy.