Help - new user, trying to find the answer - LEFT CLICK failing

Hi, New here, VERY ignorant of the total potential of this tool...
But - starting at the start, I've assigned a few actions to a few unique touches & LOVING this tool.

BUT - after using BTT for 5 minutes, the single, simple 'left-click' stops working.


Left click just DIES.
using apple's magic mouse, and version 4.566 of BTT.

I LOVE just touching the mouse instead of clicking, except when I want that click (like to drag).

Any suggestions on how to restore the left click without shutting down BTT and restarting (and then it only lasts a few moments before BTT does something to remove it).

Thanks in advance!

could you share a screenshot of your setup?

Yes, but... specifcally, which setup?

annnnd - nope. I tried, but error says 'new users can not upload images'. LOL

There is one action in your setup that i'd try to remove:

I'm not sure whether that's the cause for your issue, but I could imagine that BTT doesn't handle a unconfigured trigger with the left click action assigned well.

Thank you!! I did that, but as I recall I inserted that attempting to turn a left click into a left click after it stopped working. I deleted that action... and will monitor tomorrow! Thank you!