Help: adjust "pinch speed"?


I reformatted my computer 2021 MBP [M1]. Before reformatting I exported my BTT presets. After I reformatted, I imported my BTT presets.

I have my volume up/down linked to pinch. Before I reformatted the volume would adjust quickly. After reformatting, it adjust slowly. Before it would take me 1-2 seconds of pinching to go from max volume to min, now it takes me about 120 seconds.

I'm driving myself crazy looking for the setting to adjust this. Help would be appreciated.


I think you are looking for these

Hi Andreas, thanks for the reply.

"Set needed zoom/pinch amount" adjusts the sensitivity of the pinch required, but it doesn't adjust the speed at which the volume goes up or down, which is the issue I'm having. Previously, I could do nearly my computers full range of volume on "one pinch", now it requires me to do several dozen pinches to go from mix to max volume.

Did you also adjust the block time? In general the lower the block time and the lower the needed pinch amount, the faster it will repeat the assigned actions.

That does the trick, thanks mucho Andreas